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Ayami Yamamichi

Ayami Yamamichi is a mother, a wife, a daughter.  A once co-owner of a bustling studio, Ayami entered a sabbatical from teaching yoga prior to her daughter being born.  She had the great privilege to anchor into a slowness and softness that felt very much against the grains of society.  During this time that ended up extending far beyond birth, four years in fact, Ayami remained steady in her focus of motherhood and the care of important family members (her parents, her dog).  The four years gave her the gift of deep listening and wondering, re-emerging, and sacred acceptance.


Ayami is an ERYT 500 yoga and meditation teacher on a mission to enrich the love that resides within each of us as a vehicle to bring healing to the world.  Influenced by several yoga traditions, her teachings are predimonantly rooted in a deep study of self through her personal practices of yoga, meditation, and prayer carried through life experiences.


A once Wanderlust teacher and Lululemon ambassador, ever a creator, and Community advocate - Ayami loves executing ways to bring people together and contribute to the betterment of this world.


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