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Are you ready to feel light and refreshed? Let’s get mindfully clear together!

Now is the perfect moment to 'check in' with your body and mind for a harmonious, healing reset of the entire system.

This Cleanse will bring your internal light - the one that shines your greatness - to the forefront.  Together we’ll cut through the clutter.  Together we’ll clean up the way we interact with food to enliven our senses and to enrich our lives.

This Cleanse gets straight to the root of your clarity.  I have discovered that the key component is actually quite simple, but often missing from most Cleanse programs.

What is that? Mindfulness.

Your awareness of how you interact with food is the key to long-term health and clarity.

I will share foods that help me feel revitalized, my passion for whole food cooking (that once landed me in Bon Apétit Magazine!), and tips + tools that help me clear space for a joyful way of life.  This isn't just a Cleanse, it’s a lifestyle.

This Moment is Perfect

Thich Nhat Hahn says, "Many of us don’t allow ourselves to be relaxed.  Why do we always try to run and run, even while having our breakfast, while having our lunch, while walking, while sitting?  There’s something pushing and pulling us all the time.  We make ourselves busy in the hopes of having happiness in the future.”



Without knowing, we feed our lives with stress.  Stress raises coritsol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate which means it doesn’t matter how healthy you’re eating, because your cells don’t care.  You don’t care.  STOP.  Take a breath.  Celebrate because you have another chance to appreciate this moment.  This awareness is how you stay healthy.  This is how you change your life.

Cleanse Details

This Cleanse is sectioned into three phases:

The first five days is the detox period where you will clean out toxins in your physical body and notice those effects on your mind.  We are not fasting, juicing, or counting calories!  We will use a part liquidized approach to ease your body clean.

The next seven days is about reintroducing foods back into your system with a curiosity to your awareness that will enliven your body.  You will have access to daily delicious recipes (no longer part liquidized), including fun snack and dessert options!

The last ten days is an exciting challenge where we will cultivate seeds of mindfulness as you continue to eat in a clear, healthy manner.  This piece gets into sustaining your clean, healthy diet as a lifestyle.

We will eat a healthy plant-based diet high in fiber, low in sodium, with plenty of protein, loaded with minerals + nutrients.  Whole plant foods, namely dark leafy greens, are among the healthiest foods we can eat.  When we begin to understand the energy of food and how it affects our health, we can make the best choices for our bodies.

I want to set you up for success.  Simplicity is vital to me!

This Cleanse is structured in a simple way so you can fully focus on your body and the way your mind works.  When it comes to cleansing or any kind of training (this counts as re-training your brain!), simplicity is essential.  For that reason, the recipes of this program advocate whole unprocessed foods that are plant-based, organized day-by-day, complete with weekly grocery lists!

No counting calories. No need to spend extra money on special powders or pills.

This Cleanse is open to everyone.  Please contact me with dietary restrictions, allergies.  Always consult a physician for medical questions/concerns.

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