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Personalized Services


Are you curious about yoga, meditation, or mindfulness?  All three?  I would love to share my knowledge and passion for these practices with you.  I want to support you in your personal journey and growth.  If you are local to the Princeton, NJ area, I am happy to work with you out of your home or mine.  If you are not within driving distance, we can schedule a phone or Skype session.

One-on-One Session

Private Session - Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness


No matter where you are in each of these practices - brand new or practicing for a decade - there is always new territory to explore and opportunity for growth.

Group Session

Group Session - Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness


Do you have a group that wants to gather for a practice in any of these areas?  Often in a group setting, collaboration and connection lead to an enhanced experience.

Special Occasion/

Bring yoga into a unique setting!


Wedding Party, Corporate Setting, Practice + Potluck, Community Celebration, etc.  I will cater to your special needs!

Spirituality + Intuition

Curious about tapping into your spirituality but have questions, need guidance, not sure where to begin?  I will guide you in a grounded way with tangible tools that align with your daily life.  Spirituality is simply a state we access through mindful being and intuitive recognition.

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