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"I just want to say thank you so much for this amazing cleanse and helping myself see a whole new way to enjoy food.


There were some challenges you gave us that I thought, "Wow, I thought I did do this but... maybe I don't?"  Just being more mindful of myself all the time, and catching myself at certain times and saying "aha!" is really a gift - so thank you!


I was a vegetarian for a little over a year before the cleanse began... but have been continuing the plant-based diet since our cleanse ended.  I feel fantastic and plan on continuing!


So thank you again, for your constant encouragement, wise words, and for being such an awesome teacher!"


- Christina R.

"When I signed up for your 22 day cleanse, my intention was to use it as a jump start for my next diet. I wanted to lose 15 pounds before my son’s wedding. As an experienced yo-yo dieter, I knew how to lose weight and my body also knew how to find it again. I didn’t expect this time to be any different BUT it was.  By participating in your cleanse and practicing mindfulness, I changed my lifestyle. I love the green smoothies and I now make the effort to eat “real” food.  During the formal 22 Day Cleanse, I followed your program faithfully and I felt great.  I have continued with most of the program for the months after the cleanse making a few changes that work for me.  I lost the extra pounds and I am now maintaining a healthy weight. I have more energy and my skin looks better. My friends are telling me that I look younger and that is always a good thing.  Thanks Ayami!"


- Carolyn L.

"I just wanted to let you know that I have loved participating in the cleanse and I'm really looking forward to keeping it up.  I seriously have so much more energy.  What's interesting is that sometimes I find myself saying things like, 'Well it's warmer out so I can run more,' or, 'It's the end of the school year so it's less stressful,' but then I realize I need to stop myself and just think - No I'm doing this and making these changes rather than external things and that's amazing!  Thank you so much!"


- Annie R.

"It was such a pleasure to have participated in the 22 Day Mindfulness Cleanse.  It came at a perfect time, as I've been eliminating meat from my diet and looking for new meat free recipes, support and  daily encouragements to clean up my diet. 


 It's been a transformative paradigm shift through this healing processes.  This process of healing was not just about food, as it was about becoming aware of our energies around food, including our thoughts, emotions, & beliefs, are out of balance.  I really noticed the effects of the cleanse as toxins released (as hives) through my skin.  Became more conscious of multiple trigger points to grab comfort foods or aware of lazy tendencies to grab processed foods rather then preparing a nutritious meal for myself. 


I thoroughly enjoyed preparing the meals and learning how to use new spices and ingredients.  Now I have a lot more tools to carry me into my health conscious life style.


Thanks Ayami!!!"


- Yuth H.

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