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The Grace of Yoga

Awaken your curiosity. Deepen your practice. Live from your heart.


The Grace of Yoga training school was created to empower human beings to stand as shining leaders of love, compassion, and service through the practices of yoga and meditation.  A journey through Grace of Yoga will help you to : arrive at and arise to your highest potential, elevate your consciousness of oneness with the world, and awaken the light of your inner purpose.


We draw our methodology from asana, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, and powerful inquiry.  Ultimately, Grace of Yoga is less about a particular 'style' but rather the art of connection as a leading determinant in being a strong teacher.  This makes our program a rare and beautiful exchange with the ancient teachings of yoga.  This also means that no matter what style you may be drawn to, or perhaps you're here to find out, this training has something for all curious souls.


Join the grace tribe today.  Your heart will thank you.


About the 200-hr program:

This multi-faceted exploration of yoga will engage you into the depths of your practice to better serve this world.  Who am I?  What is my purpose?  You will uncover the answers to these questions as we dive deeply into the study of yoga.  Understand why this practice 'works' for you and has worked for so many others over thousands of years.

We are all teachers.  Whether or not you decide to stand up in front of a classroom and speak, anytime you come in contact with another human being, you enter into a moment of teaching.  How? What comes out of you is meant to be heard by the person or people in front of you.  That person or people in front of you are meant to take something away from you; however small or large.  Through this training, you will come to appreciate these moments of your life and how the practice of yoga is so integral to showing up as the most loving and powerful form of YOU in every instance.

As you deepen your practice through this training, you will strengthen your tool belt of knowledge, confidence, and leadership skills to teach an effective and transformative mindfulness-based yoga practice.

Way of Being:
Your presence as a teacher and how you embody what you are practicing is utterly important to how you come across to your students.  We will explore the inner landscape of your mind, heart, and body to bring out your most authentic self.  This will all translate into the way you express yourself with confidence; from a place with love and grace.

Way of Seeing:
You will learn to see your students in eye-opening ways that will guide your words and actions as a teacher.  You will marvel at the beauty interwoven through movement, stillness, and breath.  We will remove any filters or blocks that get in the way of your seeing, so that you're wholly available to those in front of you.

Way of Flow:
This training will open you up to what it means to be in a state of flow, and how to most efficiently teach this in a mental and physical context that fully embodies the 8-limb path of yoga.  You will uncover why meditation + mindfulness are integral to unlocking this state of flow, and how these tools will be your companion as a teacher.

Way of Connection:
Our ability to connect with students comes first from our willingness to connect deeply within ourselves.  Without connection, we are simply regurgitating information from books or data we gather from other teachers rather than sharing from our voice.  This entire training you will lead with your heart; courageously as you embrace your truth.

Through this 200hr training, you will:
- Be certified to teach a full, complete yoga class rooted in an intelligent sequence
- Have plenty of opportunity to practice teach in a safe and supported environment
- Harness a backbone of anatomy, alignment, hands-on assisting
- Engage in healing modalities like pranayama and mantras

- Study philosophy and the history of yoga
- Understand spirituality in your own terms, and how to most effectively teach your beliefs
- Build a strong meditation practice that you connect with and works with your life
- Gain a deep appreciation for the lineage of yoga and how its evolution can guide our teaching methodology today

Training Dates/Times:

Next training begins 2018.  Please e-mail if you are interested.


$500 non-refundable deposit (goes toward final payment)

$3,500 tuition | $3,300 early registration

- Payment plans available upon request.

- Interested in applying for a Scholarship?  Please complete this form.

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